Deborahe Prock
Master Herbalist
During the initial visit, we will discuss the toxins that are viewed and I will provide a written health evaluation based on the toxins.  I have been a practicing Herbologist since 1993 and will help you to detoxify and rejuvenate your health with herbs and natural  supplements.  I provide classes on a monthly basis for those who wish to do home herbalism for their families and pets as well.
For the past ten years, I have been educating patients on the uses of home remedies as a means to a natural atlernative to feel better.  In exploring the possibilities of herbal remedies, you learn not only why you are not feeling well but gain a positive effect by having the control of preparing your own remedies when purchasing an Herbal Blend, the ingredients become much more than a list of words, they become an enpowerment, "I am responsible for my health".
I counsel cancer patients, and am a cancer survivor myself.  I help Hospice patients and their families with understanding the process of serious illness.  Additionally, I am a trained Grief Counselor and work Disaster Response for animals as well as humans.  
I have devoted my life to healing in one form or another.  I began my Medical Career in Allopathic Medicine working in Laboratory and Pathology Medicine for 15 years.  Twleve years ago, I began studying in Natural Medicine.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Alternative Scientific Medicine and one year additional concentrated study in Phytochemical and Botanical Medicine.  I have completed the Certification Course as Master Herbalist through the East West School of Herbology.  I am currently completing my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine through Clayton College of Natural Medicine.
I continue to expand my studies in the field of Herbal Medicine working side by side with some of the best that Herbal Medicine has to offer.  I will be studying Holistic Cancer Research with other Allopathic and Natural physicians, with a focus on environmental pollutants like mold toxicity.
Our world has become a complex one, the notion of "Tell me where it hurts" no longer holds much meaning.  Holistic medicine addresses your entire being physically, mentally and spiritually; no longer do we need to settle for fixing "where it hurts" together we can care for the Whole Person you are.